Last week I ordered an Android programming book to dive into Java and Android Studio. When I started learning iOS with Swift in May last year I also ordered a book to learn Swift in a more theoretical way. Since at that time I mainly gained knowledge from video tutorials. Those video tutorials, by Devslopes, were really helpful but in their own way. These videos mostly taught me about practical app building and not so much about the theoretical part of the code. It felt refreshing in it’s own way to learn code from a non digital source. Which is why I also ordered a book for Android. So far I’ve only developed for iOS, but to broaden my knowledge I’m ready to invest my time in Android too. It’s been great so far teaching myself how to code. Getting compliments from both personal people close by and some professionals is an amazing feeling since you’ve all done it yourself. Without forced elements. Well, sort of since you still have to succeed, of course. I never really knew I had this much perseverance to go on with it. But even after a full year leaning how to build apps, week in week out, hasn’t stopped me one slight bit. I feel I’ve just started and the fact that I’m all self-taught gives me an extra boost actually. I won’t recommend it to others to quit study and just go on for yourself but it feels great nevertheless.