MijnDELTA Mobiel

As part of Altum AI, we designed the all new MijnDELTA Mobiel app for iOS and Android.

My role

I was the main UI/UX designer in this project. My point of responsibility was designing the actual app, making sure users would actually know how to use the app through converting user feedback to usable design solutions.

The tools

For creating wireframes and low & high fidelity prototypes Sketchapp was used. For creating working prototypes we used InVision. Converting user feedback to usable design solutions was done on a whiteboard.

The challenge

DELTA approached us to create a design from the ground up. I first sat down with the stakeholders to discuss all the requirements. One of the main points of interest was that they needed an app that could at least do the same things as the apps of competitors could do. Even better if it mostly looked alike. DELTA had a good reason for this: they were still small on the area of mobile telecom and they wanted that newly acquired users could immediately start using their app without learning a whole new app/navigation structure again. The existing user base of non-mobile customers (think house internet, TV and house telephone) was mainly 50+ so that was a big thing of information to base the design on.

The approach

The process started with sitting down with all the stakeholders. Then we dived into preparing the first iteration of the wireframes. What do we know, how do we use that information and what needs to be in the app at least. After several sessions we started with creating wireframes. Eventually we presented it at DELTA headquarters to get a green light to proceed with the project.

With all business areas present such as marketing, sales, legal and you name them, we fine-tuned the wireframes into low-fidelity designs to have it ready for usability testing. DELTA did this usability testing in-house since they already had a research department for that, in contrast to not having a design department.

After receiving the final outcome of the usability test, it was up to me and the DELTA product owner to convert this user feedback into usable design solutions in the app. With this loop of user feedback and iterating the design we rolled into the detailed design step. Getting the design optimised for both iOS and Android and eventually handing it over to the development team.

Detailed design

The result of this project and resulting app is an easy to use mobile telecom app that borrows the most used functionality of competitor app and made it even more straightforward to use given that we had a mainly 50+ audience in mind.

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