Added a working stopwatch and finally nailed the ScrollView.

Today I added a fully working stopwatch. Since the day I started building this app, there was a placeholder for a stopwatch. Since today it’s working! I’m quite happy with the idea that the stopwatch is accessible right on the main screen. It makes sense because most people need a stopwatch instantly when they try to keep track of something. One disadvantage of the stopwatch is that it’s running on the ram. I’m not sure, but I believe that if the iPhone is slowing down (multitasking for example), the outcome of the stopwatch isn’t 100% accurate anymore. But again, I’m not sure and it’s still a very minimal difference. There could be another way to program it, but that solution didn’t cross my path yet.

And finally I managed to get the scrollview working as intended! Damn, it was crushing my brains for days. I’ve tried so many different things to get it working. Different constants, StackViews, you name it.. Most of the time I tried to put a StackView inside the scrollview, but that didn’t really work. I finally managed to get the ScrollView working by placing a UIView inside the Scrollview. And inside the UIView I placed buttons with fixed height and flexible width. I actually think that I’ve coded one of the most difficult parts of the app now. But I’m assuming that in-app purchases will be a headache too. We will see.

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