All the coding of the app Randomfy has been done. I’m currently setting up all the content.

I reached the point where the app I’m working on (Randomfy) is fully working. All planned features are in, such as:

– Buttons that links to random pages, so each time that you use the app, the order of destinations will be different. This is the main feature of the app.
– In-app-purchases so that users can support me if they want.
– Zoomable images. I didn’t really plan this beforehand, but it’s such a nice feature to have. It really adds to the user experience.
– The app will contain around 300 pictures and up to 5.000 words. I’m trying to keep the install size below 80 or 100 mb.

100 mb is actually a lot these days, so I’m really trying to keep the install size as low as possible. I’m currently resizing all my images so that they fit both iPhones and iPads. They both have their own set of images. So resizing 300 pictures both for iPhone and iPad is a pretty big task actually.

Ps, the image I added is just random. I like how all the layers are visible independently.

PPs, I’m actually planning to submit my app Randomfy to the Appstore in about 2 or 3 weeks! That would be my first app in the Appstore, how cool would that be.

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