iTV KPN app rebranding


Rebranding the iTV KPN app: here’s why

The iTV app, which stands for interactive TV, is an app where customers of KPN watch live TV on their mobile device, see their recordings, watch previous episodes, you get the idea.



So why did I decide to rebrand this app?

Straight forward: I use this app myself and I experience it as a living chaos. Bit harsh, since the app works smooth. But the navigation is pretty bad. Even I, on average a very consuming app user, couldn’t immediately find what I was looking for. That’s where I thought: “let me try to do this in a better way”.


original UI:


iOS 11, bringing this app up to standards.

Normally rebranding involves lots of UX. I wanted to experience this part myself, although I realised that it would have been a lot of guessing. As I did not have any insight into the user statistics of this app, I skipped this part mainly as I did not want to modify the current app architecture. So most of the rebrand is based on the old app. What I did change was the navigation. To bring it up to iOS 11 standards, Apples newest release, I introduced a tab bar at the bottom of the screen for a native way of navigation.


redesigned UI:



A fresh design needs a fresh font.  The redesign almost screamed for a font like the Ubuntu Font Family. The font, which is designed by the geniuses of Dalton Maag, is known for it’s clarity on both desktop and mobile screens. It’s a perfect match between this redesign and the font.



Bonus rebrand: new icons.

As part of the rebrand, I wanted to introduce a fresh looking interface. Part of this interface is the app icon. I redesigned it mainly for a younger audience because it looked dated. I could have designed the new icon even more abstract but I wanted to keep the crown in the new design since it’s part of the KPN brand since it’s foundation. To maintain the same design between multiple apps by KPN I decided to redesign some of the other apps (icons) by KPN.



Final comparison:



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