I’ve got a second app working, in-app purchases are next!

I’ve been working on the hockey app for the last 1,5 weeks, but I could not continue with it since I don’t have trainings to add to the app as content. So basically the app was fully working (with stopwatch) but it only has no content. Maby something for the future when I can grab a lot of trainings somewhere to put it into the app.

So I’ve moved on to my second serious project. Called Randomfy. Some years ago I started a website where you digitally visit random destinations around the world. I finished that project for around 50%. You can still take a look at www.randomfy.com. It is fully working, it just doesn’t have half of the destinations I planned to add. But I still have all the text, images and designs. If you take a look on the website, try to remember how the website looks and works and compare it with the gif below. I’ve tried to replicate the website into an iOS app. Since the website looks and works quite nice (I didn’t fully develop it myself though. I bought a template for it, but I’ve changed a lot. It’s totally different compared to the stock template).For the random button on the website (the ‘next destination’ button sends you to a random page (destination) on the website), I hired a programmer to code it for me. I didn’t knew how to do it. But now, 1,5 years later, I’ve coded exactly the same but then for an iOS app! Awesome right!?

I’m now going to dive into adding in-app purchases. I’m planning to just add a donation button, something like: “buy me a coffee”. And I don’t even like coffee. After I’ve implemented the in-app purchase option, I’m going to add all the content into the app. Which will probably take a whole week to do since I need to resize A LOT of pictures to fit into the app nicely.

Randomfy iOS app gif

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