Most of the technical part of the app Randomfy has been done.

After two weeks, the most technical stuff has been done. So the app Randomfy is currently in a fully working state. The only thing missing is content. I added one ‘destination’ so far, the city Aktau. I added that destination almost at the beginning to test the mechanics of the app. As you can see in the gif, you see that one image is used four times. Normally each destination contains four different images of the destination, plus the map image.

Since the last post (with the first gif of the app Randomfy) I’ve done several things. I’ve added three working IAP buttons. The first IAP button (which says: Buy me a coffee) contains the purchase of a tier one IAP. A tier one is 0.99 dollar. The second IAP is double of that, 1.99 and the third IAP is six times the amount of the default IAP, so 5.99 or tier 6.

I also converted the IAP and info pages to a scrollview page. So that when you view the app in landscape mode, everything is visible. Otherwise content would fall off the page at the bottom.

I also tweaked the destination page. I changed the background color to somewhat dark green and added drop view shadows programmatically. So far, so good! I almost arrived at the fase that I need to add all content, which is the content of 50+ destinations. That is going to take a lot of time for sure.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that the app is now fully optimized for every iOS device! Both in portrait and landscape mode! Awesome.


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