Personal progress / Race Control Director almost ready for global launch

Since I’ve started working on Race Control Director back in September 2016 (time of writing is March 2017) I’ve learned a lot of things about iOS development. Working (and studying) on an app for half a year, all by yourself, requires some dedication. If you’re a self taught developer, nobody is there to guide you. Yes, you could seek for help, but that’s the only option you realistically have. I’m glad I’ve progressed so far as where I am today. I’ve developed the game Race Control Director from just an idea to a fully working game. Around 150 beta testers have helped me to finetune it into an enjoyable game. The game has evolved significantly since the beginning of it’s development. The game now features random events where you can react with flags and penalties. Each event checks if you’ve done what the event requires. So if there appeared a crash, you actually have to apply the yellow flag to avoid losing points. Each race lap the game checks if you’ve actually reacted to all the events. Each event is monitored separately.

I’ve also included voices which react on the situation ingame. For example, if there has been a crash and the player applies the red flag. You could hear a driver yelling to disable the red flag so he could race again. I’ve also added race car sounds. These sounds, just like the voices, react on ingame situations. On a red flag period the cars sound stationary and sound like they are standing still.

The game itself has some features to keep it interesting outside the race itself. You can promote and relegate after a season. To higher leagues but also to previous leagues where you came from, if you’re not very good. The game features 21 races per season, with a total of 30 circuits included in the game. Each season the player has 3 choices to pick other circuits for the next season. Although this doesn’t actually affect your game, it’s a nice touch to increase the immersion into the game. Users can also edit all names in the game, so they can use real life racing drivers.

Some extra features included in the game: Game Center support for high scores, including your own photo as profile picture and statistics from all previous races and seasons.

You could say, self teaching app development is really my thing and I’m learning more every day. Eventually hopping into a cool startup would be ideal and I could actually point out that you don’t need a piece of paper if you’re motivated enough.

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