Me: Self-taught UX Designer located in the Netherlands.

Current status: Working at Altum AI, an AI proptech startup located in the Netherlands as well as working on my own iOS app named Tacty Sports.

What you will find below: On this page you will find some of my recent projects I have been working on for the past couple of years, focusing on web and app tools for both desktop and mobile.

Altum AI

I am currently working in-house for Altum AI, a proptech company located in the Netherlands. We create tools for both customers and in-house projects. The strenght of Altum AI is that we create and maintain data of the housing market ourselves. That means that all the tools we design and develop, we also create and maintain the data behind these tools.

This data ranges from house value predictions to sustainability data. Altum AI really is a professional in it’s own market. We design, develop, create new data and consult for the best possible tools.

Tacty Sports

In my spare time I am developing a sports app from the ground up. It is a great way to learn programming and to combine it with my design skills.

It is now easier than ever to create and share tactics personally or with your team. Tacty Sports is available for iPhones and iPads.

MijnDELTA Mobiel app

As part of Altum AI, we designed the all new MijnDELTA Mobiel app for iOS and Android. DELTA is an internet, TV, telecom and energy company located in the Netherlands. DELTA entered the mobile telecom market 2 years ago and was in need of an online app to comply to the market standards that customers expect. 

DELTA approached us to create a design from the ground up. I first sat down with the stakeholders to discuss all the requirements. At the end, we had created wireframes, high-fidelity designs optimized for both iOS and Android, tested it with real customers in the mean time and handed it over to the development company.

Aegon sustainability tool

Description available soon.

Promodomo housing platform

Description available soon.