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Hi there, please note: this website is still under construction. Kind regards, Fabian.

Smoothing the digital world

Fabian Bouwmeester, UX Designer

You probably think these pictures are randomly uploaded, but they all say something about me.

Me: Self-taught UX Designer located in the Netherlands.

Current status: Working at Altum AI, an AI proptech startup located in the Netherlands as well as working on my own iOS app named Tacty Sports.

What you will find below: On this page you will find some of my recent projects I have been working on for the past couple of years, focusing on web and app tools for both desktop and mobile.

Work + projects

Altum AI

I am currently working in-house for Altum AI, a proptech company located in the Netherlands. We create tools for both customers and in-house projects. The strenght of Altum AI is that we create and maintain data of the housing market ourselves. That means that all the tools we design and develop, we also create and maintain the data behind these tools.


MijnDELTA Mobiel

As part of Altum AI, we designed the all new MijnDELTA Mobiel app for iOS and Android. My role I was the main UI/UX...

Aegon sustainability tool

As part of Altum AI, we designed a sustainability tool for Aegon. At Altum AI we already...

Stekkie (Reaal/VIVAT)

Altum AI and Vince innovation center (VIVAT) collaborated in the redesign of Stekkie....

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